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Gisela Okrent geb. Litwin

geboren am 19. September 1947 in Lüneburg
gestorben am 23. Januar 2024 in Lüneburg



Liz Ting
entzündete diese Kerze am 16. Februar 2024 um 15.22 Uhr

To Gisela,
I'll always remember how you opened your home to us so generously to us when I was on my first trip to Europe with Sarah back in 2006, your home was so cosy and I experienced my first German Christmas with real candles on the Christmas tree which shocked us Kiwis!!! I returned a few years later in the Summer time and we got to walk with you around your beautiful area in the idyllic sunflower meadows, I'm thankful I got share those moments in life with you.
Rest in peace,

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Sarah Litwin-schmid
schrieb am 1. Februar 2024 um 18.00 Uhr

Liebe Kathrin, Lars, Mama,

What I loved so much about Gisela was that she knew who she was, through and through. There were no facades or false niceties. She was sharp, dryly witty, and yes, sometimes very stubborn. But she loved her family and friends so fiercely and honestly. And when you were with her, you knew you could just be yourself too. The world needs many more women like that, and its sad that today, we’re instead saying goodbye to one.

Love you all

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Trauerfeier, Waldfriedhof Lüneburg

Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2024 14.00 Uhr


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